Debit Cards/ATMs

Debit Cards/ATMs

Need to have access to your money anytime? Consider applying for HomePride Bank’s ATM/Debit Card, a secure, convenient way to make everyday purchases and get cash fast.

HomePride’s ATM/Debit Card can be used for purchases anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted. No charge cash withdrawals can be made from your account at any HomePride ATM or at ATMs owned by other financial institutions who participate in the TransFund Surcharge-Free Network. Daily limits per account holder are $500.00 for ATM withdrawals and $1000.00 per Point of Sale transactions.

ATM Locations

Card Fees include:

  • Annual Debit Card Fee-No charge 
  • Hot Card Fee-$20.00
  • Debit Card Replacement-$10.00
  • Reissue PIN-$5.00
  • Transaction at non HomePride ATM-$3.00
  • Transaction outside the Transfund Surcharge Free Network-$3.00

*additional fees may be charged by the ATM owner

HomePride Bank offers debit cards to customers who have a personal checking or NOW account in good standing. We reserve the right to revoke all cards with notice to the cardholders if certain criteria apply.